SC Romaero SA


Romaero S.A. is the most representative company in the Romanian Aerospace industry. The company is internationally recognized as an integrated organization, developing in the same location both aerostructures manufacturing activities (detail parts, minor and major assemblies) and maintenance and repair of civil transport aircraft and military aircraft. With updated infrastructure and employing skilled, highly qualified personnel, Romaero addresses a wide range of aviation programs. Romaero is a state-owned company. Romaero S.A. has a long standing experience in manufacturing both complete aircraft and aircraft components such as skins, structural parts and assemblies.

Matching Capabilities and Facilities

In this area the company’s major strong points are a very large porfolio of products (from “C” class detail parts manufacturing to minor and major assemblies), capabilities for tooling design and manufacturing, experience from legacy programs in the business aircraft area (G200 aft. fuselaje manufacturing-ended 2011; Hawker 800 detailed parts manufacturing-ended 2009) as well as prolific use technologies such as stretch forming and chemical milling.

Romaero S.A. currently has undergoing contracts with high profile aerospace companies such as: Boeing, Bombardier, Saab, BAe Systems, Spirit AeroSystems, Elbit Systems, Aerolean, SABCA, Bombardier, Israel Aerospace Industries and Aero Vodochody Aerospace.

The company also holds extensive quality assurance certifications (Quality Management third party certifications AS 9100, ISO 9001 and EASA-AACR-Part 21G, EASA – Part 145; NADCAP accreditations for NDT, chemical processing and heat treatment as well as customer approvals from Boeing, BN Aircraft, Airbus SAS, Spirit Aerosystems, Bombardier AS, BAE Systems, Aero Vodochody Aerospace, Aerolean, SABCA, SAAB).

Romaero S.A’s technologies in use on the aerostructures manufacturing side are: stretch-forming, rubber press forming, CNC and classical routing, cutting, drilling, special and standard riveting, CNC and classical turning, CNC and classical milling, welding and metrology checking, calibration and certification. The company also holds capabilities for special processes such as chemical milling, heat treatment of aluminium alloys, surface treatments for steel and aluminium alloys as well as non-destructive testing. Romaero meets the most stringent quality requirements and is certified by its key customers.

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